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APPENDIX B SEASON TARGET DATES (Typically set for each season)














The KITCHENER GIRLS LOCAL LEAGUE is a group of local (to Waterloo Region) hockey associations that have agreed to associate for the purpose of advancing girls’ and women’s recreational hockey.



The Name of the League shall be the Kitchener Girls Local League hereinafter referred to as the League.



The Purpose of the League is:

1.   to promote the ideals of good sportsmanship and fair play in all Coaches, Players and Spectators;

2.   to promote the participation of girls in all aspects of female hockey;

3.   to promote hockey as a game primarily for enjoyment at the Recreational League level;

4.   to protect and promote the interests of girls’ hockey; 

5.   to work in accordance with the OWHA, OHF and the Hockey Canada.



Membership in the League shall consist of local hockey associations, centered in Kitchener and Waterloo Region and surrounding areas, that have registered with the OWHA, and which have applied to and have been accepted by the League Executive. A membership, unless suspended, shall be valid until the commencement of the next season.


Associations who wish to register a team or teams in the League must agree to have their teams operate under the jurisdiction of the OWHA, and to comply with all League Policies.



The Administration of the League will be carried out by the Kitchener Minor Hockey Association (KMHA). The Membership Fee shall be set by the KMHA and announced at the Year End Meeting with the due date for payment being December 1 of the hockey season.



1)      Notice of the meeting shall be mailed, e-mailed or called to each member association at least 15 days prior to the date of the meeting.

2)      A quorum at the Year End Meeting shall consist of a minimum of 33% of the voting membership. In order to pass any motion, 51% of the voting membership present must approve it.

3)      Each Association registered in the League shall be entitled to ONE VOTE.

4)      An Association may not assign their vote.



1) The year end Meeting shall be held on or before June 1st of each year.



Each Association must designate their voting person prior to the commencement of all meetings.



All hockey played under the jurisdiction of the League shall be governed by the OWHA, the OHF, Hockey Canada and the League.



This Policy manual may be amended at the Year End Meeting by a 51% majority of the voting associations present.





a) The League administration will not distribute information on behalf of any Member Association or other organization representing female hockey through any available public medium including e-mail or the website.


b) Procedures at Arena Facilities

          i) Players shall not be permitted to enter the ice surface prior to the scheduled commencement of a game or practice until the Arena Attendants or League Officials indicate approval.

          ii) Players and Officials shall be required to leave the ice surface immediately after completion of the scheduled game or practice unless approval to remain is obtained.

          iii) All team officials and players must abide by and respect all Rules and Regulations of the arenas in which they practice and/or play games.



a) Regular season consists of games played between each yearly specified period between September and January.
b) Playoffs are games played January 1 or after and before the semi-finals. 
c) Semi-final games are played between the top four teams in each pool and are played after the last playoff games during the yearly specified period. 
d) Championship games will be played annually after semi-final games during the yearly date specified.



a) Local Associations whose home ice is beyond a 1 hour driving distance from Don McLaren Arena in Kitchener must be approved on an annual basis for inclusion in the League.

b) Local Associations whose home ice is within a one hour driving distance from Don McLaren Arena in Kitchener may apply on an annual basis for inclusion in the League.




All teams playing within the League shall be Recreational.



A player that plays at a Representative or Competitive level, in any Hockey Canada league, shall be ineligible to play in the League



a) The Association Representative of any Association wishing to play in the League must provide a tentative list of such teams to the Administration prior to the Year End Meeting.  

b) The list of teams will include the age category for each team.

c) The list will form the basis for registration of teams for the coming season.

e) Associations located outside the league boundaries must make application to the League Membership at the Year End Meeting. Each Association is considered on an individual basis and previous acceptance in the League does not guarantee future inclusion. The decision is made by majority vote of the membership at the Year End Meeting. Associations applying for inclusion must have a representative at the year-end meeting. If a new Association applies for inclusion after the Year End Meeting, they should approach the League administration concerning inclusion.  The League administration may choose to call a special meeting of all association representatives to vote on accepting the applicant.

f) All Associations entered in the League must have a league representative in attendance at all league meetings called with appropriate notice (15 days).

g) At the Year End Meeting all associations must indicate whether or not they are “in” for the next season and that this indication be documented in minutes



a) The fee for registration shall be set by the KMHA with a due date for payment being Dec 1 of the season. A reminder will be sent to any Associations with unpaid fees. Where participating Associations are in arrears of payment of registration fees after Dec 31, a fine of $50 per team in the Association will be levied.

b) Associations receiving fines shall be notified, through the League Representative, that an infraction has occurred, a fine is being levied, and the amount of the fine. The fine shall be paid within fourteen (14) days of notification. Should an Association be in arrears of any payment billed in excess of thirty (30) days, the League shall determine the circumstances with respect to an inability or refusal of any Association to remit the required fees, fines or surcharges. Where the Association, without justifiable cause, shall refuse to remit the required amount, the League may insist on an appearance of the Associations’ officials to give reason why the Association should not be suspended from the League.

c) Any Association responsible for damage(s) to a host facility will be required to remit payment upon the presentation of an invoice (from the host or facility) for the damages caused by one of its teams.  Failure to remit payment may lead to suspension for the Association in question

d) The Executive may, in its discretion and upon identifying special circumstances, waive any fines levied.

e) Should an Association be suspended from the League the following shall occur:

          1. all points awarded to the defaulting Association’s teams will be taken away;

          2. all points awarded to other teams in games played against the defaulting Association’s team shall be taken away;

          3. the defaulting Association’s team shall not be eligible for  playoffs; and

          4. all reference to the defaulting Association’s team shall be deleted from the Leagues web-site(s).



Scheduling of league play is undertaken by the Associations at a preseason meeting. The Member Associations should be aware of the following policies that affect scheduling of games and officials:

a) At the scheduling meeting, each Association shall have access to enough ice time to complete the entire season with adequate variation in time and location to accommodate both weekend and weeknight games against all opponents.

b) All Officials must be currently certified through the Hockey Canada Officiating Program [HCOP] and registered with Hockey Canada.

c) All Associations must have a defined process in the event of an official not present at the start of a game. 

d) Failure to provide officials for a game may result in a fine levied to the offending Association.

e) All Development Stream scheduling (tournaments and games) must be completed before the mid-season scheduling meeting or League activities (games and practices) will not be moved to accommodate Development Stream activities.

f) Reminder teams may be required to play more than 1 game in a day between Development Stream and the League.  As per Hockey Canada rules each team requires a 3 hour break between completion of one game and start of another.


a) Suspension(s) shall be carried out in accordance with OWHA Rules.

b) Any person(s) receiving a Life Suspension inside or outside the League shall not be allowed any further participation in League games or functions. In addition, such person(s) shall not be allowed to hold any League position.

c) Where a matter with respect to a suspension may directly or indirectly relate to an Executive member, such member shall not vote on the matter.

d) A Discipline Board shall be struck by the League administration consisting of not less than three (3) and not more than five (5) League Representatives for the purpose of hearing any particular matter concerning a Suspension.

e) The Discipline Board may suspend any League Member or team where the Member or team has engaged in conduct in and/or around an arena or other place, or by the Member or team action, which may bring discredit to the League and/or the sport of women's hockey.



Refer to current OWHA Handbook for procedures.







a) All teams, coaches, managers, trainers, players, and support staff must be registered and insured with the OWHA before participating in any League function.

b) Failure to register a player or staff member with OWHA will result in the player suspension and coach suspension outlined in the current OWHA book for use of an illegal player.

c) Players registered after January 1st will not be eligible to participate in League Playoff and/or Championship games.

d) No player is eligible to participate in League Semi-Final and/or Championship games unless the player has played a minimum of five (5) League/Playoff games.

e) No player is eligible to participate in the League if she is playing at a level higher than recreational league level in the same hockey season.



a) All associations are required to have a local league scheduler at the scheduling meetings. This representative must have full authority to schedule all home and away games for the team for the entire season. Exceptions can be made however ice scheduling must be done independent of confirmation from parents on the team. Local league schedulers are to attend the scheduling meetings prepared with a variety of available dates.

b) Any association failing to have the ability to schedule during the specified time frame shall be deemed not eligible for play in the League.

c) Any association who refuses to schedule any League game, within the time frame allotted for that scheduling, shall be suspended until notification of a discipline hearing. This applies to all regular season and all assigned playoff games.

d) Any team who does not complete their season by the designated League date shall not be eligible for playoffs.

e) All teams registered in the League cannot make other commitments on the weekend or dates of the Local League Semi-Finals and Championships. Failure to attend a Semi-Final or Championship game may result in a forfeit of that game.



a) Cancellation of a game by a team may be done without penalty or further responsibility up to one week (7 days) prior to the day a game is scheduled. This game must be rescheduled as provided below.

b) If an away team cancels a game with less than one week notice then the away team must pay the home association $200 within 30 days of the original game date.  The home team may also have to pay the $200 to their home association but that is up to each centre

Games cannot be forfeited and must be rescheduled.

Games must be played as long as there are 6 skaters and a goalie (or 7 skaters)

Novice to Peewee can dress as a goalie

Bantam to Intermediate must have a goalie that has played in net before (confirm in OWHA handbook)

The only exception to this rule is bad weather or extreme situations.

No fee is assessed for games where referees do not show.

c) Games cancelled must be rescheduled within seven (7) days of game cancellation, to be played by the last date of regular season/playoff.

d) A rescheduled game is not considered to be locked into the schedule until the schedulers for each association has agreed, in writing, to the change.

e) After your schedule is marked final, each association has the right to refuse scheduling changes during the season.

f) If a game must be cancelled because one or both teams cannot travel due to inclement weather, the following policy is in effect:

     1.  If the forecast is calling for bad weather, ensure you have the inclement weather contact information for your association.

     2.  The home and away inclement weather contacts should communicate with each other and the opposing teams to determine if a cancellation is warranted.

     3.  Each team should have an established process for contacting all team members to avoid unnecessary travel.

     4.  Games are to be canceled not more than 1 hour before departure time by the traveling team.

     5.  If the home arena is closed, the game is cancelled immediately, and notifications must be made accordingly.

     6. The scheduler of each association is to be notified and the game will be changed on the 1DB by the home team. 

     7. The cancelled game is to be rescheduled within seven (7) days of the game cancelation.

     8. Costs of ice time and referees for games cancelled due to weather will be the responsibility of the home team. 

     9. Costs for the rescheduled game are to be the responsibility of the home team.

     10. Leaving a voice message or sending an e-mail is sufficient notice to your opponent, provided they acknowledge receipt of notification.


Practical Application of Scheduling and Cancellation Rules

Following the scheduling meeting, all associations must enter their games on the 1DB with 3 days. You will have another ten days to make corrections and changes to the schedule before it is marked "Final".

In order to change a game, League Schedulers must always notify the opponent’s league scheduler before changing the 1DB.




a) For regular season and playoff league games only, teams are allowed to call up to a maximum of five (5) players of a lower division for any game, but the total number of players for that game cannot exceed the number of registered players as shown on the team roster submitted to the OWHA.

b) Call Up players are not eligible to participate in Semi-Final and/or Championship games. (See exception for Goalies in 3.5.3. e)

c) A player being called up to a specific team can only play for that team in a maximum of three (3) games per regular and again for the playoff season. Call-up players can play more than 3 games if the league rep is able to prove that all players in the division have been contacted and are unable to play.  

d) League teams may call up any player of a lower division from their own association or from another participating KGLL association. Lower division is defined as EITHER of a lower age category, with the exception of Novice. This rule applies to ALL skaters but not goalies.

E.g. a Bantam team can call from Peewee but not from Bantam

e) Every call up player or goalie must be designated on the game sheet with the symbol "CU" (call up) beside her name. Failure to designate on the game sheet may result in forfeiture of points from game(s) in question.

f) A call up player cannot be a player that plays representative or competitive hockey at a level higher than recreational hockey.



a)  Goalies can move up, laterally and between KGLL associations.  Alternate goaltenders can be used in semi-final and championship games only if the rostered goalie is unavailable.  There is no limit on the number of times that a coach can use a goalie

·       A goalie can play regularly on both a Midget team and a Midget/Intermediate team

·       Representative goalies cannot play down. 

b) A call up goalie cannot be a goalie that plays representative or competitive hockey at a level higher than recreational hockey.

·       E.g. a Bantam team can call a goalie from Peewee or from Bantam

c) A representative skater wishing to play as a goaltender will be accepted for the purposes of rostering as long as they have no previous experience as a goaltender at the representative level.  This goaltender will not be allowed to play as a skater for their KGLL team nor will they be allowed to play in tournaments for that KGLL team as per OWHA rules.

Practical Application of Call up rules

You cannot exceed the number of players registered on your team.

You can call from your own association or another participating KGLL association.

If you call from a younger division you must ensure that the player is capable of playing at that level.

If you use an illegal player, you forfeit the game and are subject to suspensions as the OWHA rules (i.e. GM35).


a) The Game Sheet is a LEGAL DOCUMENT for insurance purposes. Any falsification of data may make it invalid for insurance claims. It is important that the game sheets be completed correctly and accurately and forwarded to the proper person as quickly as possible.

b) It is the responsibility of the home team to provide a game sheet. The home team should have the game sheet completed and give it to the visiting coach at least fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled game time.

c) All teams are encouraged to use the game sheet labels

d) If you have a player that is serving a suspension, the coach or manager must write SUSPENSION and the suspension game number beside her name on the game sheet. (e.g. SUSPENSION 2 OF 4)

e) If you have a call up player you must write "CU" and the number beside her name (i.e. CU 1 of 3).

g) Ensure you have completed the top section of the game sheet including game number, the two team names, the arena, the division, and the scheduled time.

h) If the home team ice is curfewed, this must be indicated on the game sheet and both home and away coaches must initial the game sheet to indicate that they are aware of this (see Game Length, Officials and Curfew Procedures).



a) It is the responsibility of the home team to enter the final score into the online system (either their own website or the 1DB) within one day (24 hours) of the time of the game.

b) Scores exceeding a five-goal differential are to be entered with only the five goal differential. For example, if the score is 8 – 1, enter it as 6 – 1.



a) All league games shall consist of three stop time periods of ten, ten, twelve (10-10-12), apart from the Novice Local League games (see below).

b) All League games are STOP TIME. Running time is not allowed and, if used, the game will be replayed at the cost of the home team.

c) One 30-second timeout is allowed by each team during Semi-Final and Championship games only.

d) All games shall use the two-person referee system.

e) When no referees show for a scheduled league game the game shall be considered unplayed and must be rescheduled within seven (7) days.

f) No cause or justification is required from the official(s) or the visiting team if they refuse to start the game without the correct number of officials. However, once started the game may not be stopped or protested unless an injury occurs to the referee that prevents the official from completing the game. If the game does not proceed it is considered un-played and must be rescheduled within seven (7) days.

g) Teams playing in arenas which have a curfew MUST be informed by the Home team of the curfew before the start of the game. The referee(s) must also be aware of the curfew before the start of the game. The curfew time must be indicated on the game sheet prior to commencement of the game. The actual start time of all games shall be written by the home team on the game sheet. Games curfewed by an injury delay are exempt from this rule. If a curfew time is on the game sheet you MUST stop at that time.

h) Any game that is terminated due to an unavoidable delay or unexpected interruption will be rescheduled and replayed completely if the second period of the game has not been completed.

If the delay occurs any time after the completion of the second period the game will be considered complete. Unavoidable delay is defined as a circumstance beyond the normal events that occur in a game, e.g. major injury ambulance delay, facility malfunction such as power failure, zamboni breakdown, etc.



o   Periods are 10-10-10 until November 14th and 10-10-12 as of November 15th.

o   Player changes will take place using a two-minute stop time buzzer system until November 14th.  As of November 15th, player changes will be on the fly as they are for all other divisions.

o   Every Novice team can have one coach on the ice until Christmas.  The exception to this rule is if individual associations do not allow this practice.  The referees of each centre do have the right to refuse coaches the ability to be on the ice.  If a centre does not allow coaches on the ice of a sanctioned game, coaches must respect this.  Ideally, coaches should only be on the ice for the first month or so.



If a player accumulates three penalty infractions in a Local League game, that player is immediately ejected from the game.  The penalized player shall not serve the third penalty, they must go directly to the dressing room and a player that was on the ice at the time of the infraction must serve the penalty.


NOTE:    A Double Minor (e.g. 4-minute Head Contact will count as one penalty infraction).

A Penalty Shot does not count as one of the three penalty infractions.

It is the responsibility of the team staff to ensure the penalized player does not participate in any further play, even if the Referees differ in opinion. Failure to comply with this rule will result in an automatic game suspension for the electronically rostered coach who was registered as the head coach on the game sheet of the offending player and will cause the team to forfeit the game regardless of the score of the game. The score to be recorded as the worse of the actual score and 1 – 0.



a) A suspension or suspensions to any league coach, manager, trainer, player or support person in any OWHA sanctioned game: league, tournament, exhibition, in or outside the Province of Ontario shall be served in the next OWHA sanctioned game(s) including tournaments.

b) A League coach, manager, trainer, player or support staff serving a suspension(s) shall not be permitted to participate in any OWHA league game(s), house league game(s), exhibition game(s) and/or tournaments until said suspension(s) is served. Any person serving a suspension(s) is not permitted to enter the dressing room area, player's bench and/or timekeeping area. The suspended person's name must be entered on the Official Game Report with "SUSPENDED" marked beside their name and what suspension game number it is (SUSPENDED 1 of 3). Where a person violates any provision of this section, the League may impose additional suspensions.

c)  The coach or team official of a team, whose member commits a suspendible offence must send within 24 hours of the infraction or prior to the player, coaches or teams next game a copy of the game sheet to the OWHA office ([email protected]), and the KGLL administrator. Failure to do so may result in a one game suspension to the head coach.

d) Where a coach, manager, trainer, player or support person receives a suspension in any OWHA game outside the jurisdiction of the league, the onus is on the coach of the team to advise the league of such suspension prior to the team's next league game even if the suspension has already been served. Failure to report any such suspension will result in an additional one game suspension to the head coach of the team.

e) All game sheets indicating the serving of any suspension must be submitted to the OWHA (within 24 hours) to [email protected], and the KGLL administrator, in order for the suspension to be considered completed. If a team has failed to send the documentation and the suspended player participates in a game, the head coach will be considered to have used an illegal player and the current OWHA discipline shall be levied.

f) All League members must follow the minimum suspension guidelines as provided by the OWHA Regional Director. The League may issue additional suspensions beyond the minimum OWHA guideline. These suspensions must be served at the next OWHA sanctioned event(s).

g) Any person(s) receiving a Life Suspension inside or outside the League shall not be allowed any further participation in League games or functions. In addition, such person(s) shall not be allowed to hold any League position.

h) Where a matter with respect to a suspension may directly or indirectly relate to an Executive member, such member shall not vote on the matter.

i) A Discipline Board shall be struck by the League Administer consisting of not less than three (3) and not more than five (5) League Representatives for the purpose of hearing any particular matter concerning a Suspension.

j) The Discipline Board may suspend any League Member or team where the Member or team has engaged in conduct in and/or around an arena or other place, or by the Member or team action, which may bring discredit to the League and/or the sport of women's hockey.



Playoff placement will be based upon regular season standings.  Playoffs will be held to determine those teams that will proceed to the Semi-Finals. The number of teams eligible for the Semi-Finals and Championships will be determined yearly on the basis of the number of teams in the division (Age and Tier). Procedures are outlined in this section.



Following the completion of first half of the season, the teams in each category will be split into pools, based upon their position in the standings.

a) The number of pools will be determined by the following (some discretion will be used where a better split can be made for a fairer experience for all girls. 
      1-9 teams is 1 pools.
      10-14 teams is 2 pools.
      15+ teams is 3 or more pools.     

b) In the Playoff portion of the season, teams will play only within their pool.

i) If there are not enough teams to split, and there is a divide in the standings, the teams with like skill will play their extra games against each other.

c) Season positions that are tied will use the tie breaker rules as follows:

            i) Head to Head only if it is 2 teams, 3 or more teams this rule doesn’t apply)

ii) If still tied, team with the most wins in the playoff portion of the season

iii)  If still tied, the team with the best goal percentage (Total goals for divided by total goals for and against.  i.e.: 4/(4+12)= .25  is less than 9/(9+1)= .90  Team b wins

iv) If still tied we go to the team with the least goals against

v) If still tied we go to the team with the most goals for

vi) If still tied we go to a coin flip

d) Based upon the final season positions, having resolved ties as outlined above, teams qualifying for Semi-Finals are the top four teams in each pool. Winners of the Semi-Finals will play a final game in order to determine the pool champion. This game must have a victor.



a) The Semi-Final and Championship dates will be determined each year at the year end meeting for the next season on a weekend designated by the League and the KMHA.

b) Home ice advantage for the Championship game will be given to the higher seeded team at the end of the play off season regardless of whether they played in the semi final game 1 or 2.

c) Sufficient ice for all championship games will allow games to be decided by the use of shoot-outs.

d) Awards will be given, respectively, to the Champion and Finalist in each of the Championship Game.


          1.     One thirty (30) second time out per team per game is allowed.

2.     A clocked three (3) minute warm-up allowed before game starts.  The three-minute warm-up will start either when both teams and officials are on the ice or on the games official start time, whichever comes first.

          3.    All awards will be handed out after the games.

          4.    If any game is tied, the following rules will apply:

                 a) One five(5) minute sudden victory period will be played.

b) One additional 30 second time out will be allotted to each team for this overtime period.

c) A tie game goes directly to a 3-player shoot-out. The Home team will have the option of shooting first. The teams will alternate players shooting on the opposing goalie (i.e. they don’t shoot at the same time). All shooters will start out with the puck at center ice. Only the player participating in the shootout and the two goalies are to be on the ice during a shot. Once the shot is completed the player must proceed to the penalty bench. It will be the responsibility of the timekeeper to keep track of the number of each shooter.


If still tied after the 3-player shootout, a sudden victory shootout will take place. Each team will continue to send out a single player until one team scores and the other doesn’t at which point the team scoring will be declared series winner. All players must shoot before any player can repeat (and this means that if there are unbalanced rosters the team with the smaller roster can start again before the other team...think participation). Please note that there is no need to list your shooters - when they have shot they take a seat in the penalty box.


Players in the penalty box at the end of overtime are not eligible for the shootout.









This appendix represents minimum suspension discipline policies applied by the Local League. These minimum suspensions cannot be appealed and all discipline is applied to the next OWHA sanctioned game, regardless of venue, This policy is in effect for all League play.


Definitions for the purpose of this Appendix:


MISCONDUCT is any of the following: a 10-minute penalty, a game misconduct involving game ejection, any gross misconduct, any match penalty.

LEAGUE PLAY will consist of all regular season games and any playoff, quarter-final, semi-final and championship or consolation games.

BENCH STAFF is applied to all members of the bench and misconducts are considered as belonging to the bench staff regardless of how many individual people actually received misconduct.



1.   OWHA suspensions rules apply.







Coaches are to hold their benches until instructed by the officials. Teams are then to line up at centre ice, where upon instruction by the officials they are to proceed to shake hands with their competition.

Teams are allowed to go to the opposing team bench to shake hands with the coaching staff after which time the home team returns directly to their player's bench and the visiting team proceeds directly off the ice. Home team players are to wait for direction from the officials to leave the ice. Officials are instructed to be diligent in following this process from start to finish in order to prevent any incidents at the end of the game. One Official must be present for the entire hand shake procedures and should not leave the ice until all players have entered their respective dressing rooms.






For HOME teams:

1. Scan and email both sides of the game sheet to KMHA.

2. Enter all game scores into the online database system within one day (24 hours) of the game time.


Reporting Suspensions must be done within 24 hours

It is the responsibility of the offending team to report ALL suspensions.

1. Scan and e-mail both sides of the game sheet to [email protected]

2. Copies of ALL games used to serve a suspension must be faxed to both the OWHA and the KMHA. Failure to do so means that the suspension has not been properly served and may result in further suspension(s).

Please note that referees are NOT required to give you the white copy of a game sheet. Please ensure that the referee has the league e-mail in order to process the suspension properly.


Failure to do ANY of the above may result in the LOSS OF AN ADDITIONAL TWO POINTS from your standings regardless of the game result. Lost points CANNOT be redeemed.


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